Who Is Killer Game

Requirements :
Paper chits

How To Play :

Ask the guests to sit in a circle
Make paper chits as number of guests (ex. if guests are 10 then make 10 chits) and write ‘pass’ on 4 chits. Write ‘Killer’ in other chits.
Shuffle them properly and then ask guests to pick one chit only.
Guests who get the ‘Pass’ chit need not to do anything but the one who get ‘ Killer’ chit need to kill one person in the circle.
The ‘Killer’ has to kill a person by winking of his eye on another and he will be called as ‘Dead’. Killer need to be careful that no other member knows that he is the killer.
Now the dead person will declare that he’s dead and then others will guess the ‘Killer’. Until now the identity is not disclosed and the ‘Killer’ also takes part in this guess work.
After completing the guessing by everyone the actual killer will declare himself killer.
The one who will find out the killer first will be the winner but if no one would be able to guess right about the killer then ‘Killer’ will be the winner.

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