Who Am I – Puzzle Game

Requirements :

  • Small labels with famous Bible Character names for eg. Adam & Eve, Noah, Moses,Abraham,David, Mary, Jesus,Peter, Paul,Elijah,phillip,Ruth,Job,Luke,Daniel etc

How To Play :

  • Make small labels using characters from Bible.
  • When the guests starts pouring in ,Tell them the theme and ask if they are interested to play this game then stick one label on their back without knowing what specific name is written on it.
  • send all interested guest(guest with label) in hall(other than party hall).
  • They can give clues to each other about the name written at their back.
  • They can’t ask only one person all the question, the point is to mix up with each other.
  • They cant tell name directly they just give clue to others.
  • The five three persons one who figures out names written at their back are the winners.
  • This game added more fun in your Christmas party.

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