Toss & Win Game

Requirements :

  • chocolates (like in image or any toffees)
  • We can use any other stuff like matchstick, coins, ..etc. or which ever we can toss by thumb.
  • glass
  • table

how to play :

  • keep glass on 1 end table and player stand up at other end same table
  • give them chocolates or whatever stuff we choose for toss.
  • player can toss chocolates by there thumb and his task is to toss chocolate in his glass
  • Each player gets 1 minute to throw as many chocolates as possible.
  • player throws maximum chocolates in the glass in one minute wins.
  • price of winners are that chocolates which he throw in his glass.
  • declare this price before game start so chocolate lovers can toss much chocolates.
  • girls and kids like this game most.

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