Toffee Race Game

Requirements :

  • 4 open tray
  • lots of toffees

How To Play :

  • Mark a start and finish line say about 20 feet from each other.
  • Divide the players in to 4 group each group of 5-10 players.
  • Place 4 trays with 5-10 toffees(number of toffees as per no. players in team) at the finish line.
  • Ask each player to stand behind each other in 4 rows at the start line.
  • When start, one player from each team has to run to the finish line, kneel down and pick one toffee with his/her mouth without touching with hands and come back to the start line.
  • When the first player reaches the start line the second player has to start and so on till all the toffees are picked up.
  • The team which brings all toffees in the shortest time is the winner.

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