Taste & Recognise – Pluzzle Game

Requirements :

  • 20 players and above.
  • 4 to 5 empty jars with marked jar 1 , jar 2 ..etc
  • Health concentrates like Boost, Maltova, Milo, Bournvita,complan , horlecks ..etc

How To Play :

  • Pour health concentrates like Boost, Maltova, Milo, Bournvita etc in different jars.
  • The organizer is supposed to know which drink is in which number jar.
  • Give a blank sheet of paper and 1 spoon to all players.
  • Call player 1 by 1 near to jars.
  • Ask them to taste/smell sample and write down the answers.
  • The player who recognizes the maximum number in the right order is the Winner.

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