Choose Cards With Heart Game

Requirements : Pack of playing cards How To Play Give pack of playing cards to a each couple. When time starts, they have to shuffle the cards four times. Then take out all the 13 heart cards and put them in proper sequence ie. From A-K Time limit is 1 minute. The couple who is … Continue reading Choose Cards With Heart Game

Couple Lemon Race Game

Requirements : one lemons for each the couples How To Play : Mark a starting and finishing line say 15/20 feet apart. Let all the couples stand at the starting line with lemons between their foreheads. There hands should be folded behind at the back. When time starts, all the couples have to move towards … Continue reading Couple Lemon Race Game

Find – Find Game

Requirements : 5 or more couples. Plain paper and stop watch. How To Play : Give a list of articles to couple. articles which usually they carried with them. When time start , they have to put that articles on table if they have . They are not allowed to borrow any items. Time limit … Continue reading Find – Find Game