Relay for task Game

Requirements : Tables as per the number of groups Task material as per the number of groups How To Play : Divide the players into groups of 4. Mark a starting line and a finishing line about 8 feet. Keep one table at the finishing line with 4 tasks to be completed by the group. … Continue reading Relay for task Game

Prink Hanging Ballon Game

Requirements : Balloons Thread toothpick How To Play : Tie thread to balloons and hang them from the wall at a suitable height. Now give toothpick to each player and ask him/her to put it in mouth. Player has to tie the hands behind the back and try to prick the balloons with the toothpick. … Continue reading Prink Hanging Ballon Game

Alphabetical Computer – Puzzle Game

Requirements : Take print out of the below questions as per the number of players A – It’s a river B – Sharing files on wireless C – Way of sending messages over the net D – To transfer data from internet to your computer E – Communication via mail F – Social networking site … Continue reading Alphabetical Computer – Puzzle Game

Pass The Candle – Race Game

Requirements : 4-5 groups with 3 players in each group Candles Match Box Plate How To Play : Mark a start and finish lines about 20 feet, mark lines as per number of groups means if 4 groups are playing at a time then mark 4 lines. Give some candles , 1 plate and matchbox … Continue reading Pass The Candle – Race Game