Grab Tape Game

How To Play Grab Tape Game : Require group of peoples , divide them equally into 2 teams. players have to site down in row facing opposite to other team members. When host say ” grab” or any other word which indicate players to start game then both rows 1st players have grab tap as … Continue reading Grab Tape Game

Steps On bricks – Group Game

How To Play Steps On bricks Game : Divide all players into group of 3 players. Give 4 bricks to each group if 3 peoples are in 1 group means give 1 extra brick to each group. mark about 30 feet distance and tell all group to stand on there bricks and place extra brick … Continue reading Steps On bricks – Group Game

In It To Win It – Team Building Game

How To Play In It To Win It Game There are more games in one video to play with your collogues. Like one minute game, hold balloon in air , bounce ball and place it in glass…etc. These game are for team building, it gives so much fun to your employees. Fun , games, enjoyments … Continue reading In It To Win It – Team Building Game