Taffic Light Game

Requirements : No equipment is needed. How to Play : mark line about 20 feet. Ask any 1 player plays the part of the stop light and tell stop light to stand up on one end of line facing away from the other kids. “stop light” calls out “Green light!” The other kids move toward … Continue reading Taffic Light Game

Race On Beach Game

Requirements : More than 4/5 teams and 3/4 people in each team 7/8 empty cold drink or water bottles to each player. Bucket fill with sand per player. We can also use thermocol balls, dust,or if you want to done it more difficult then use water also How To Play : Mark start and end … Continue reading Race On Beach Game

Couple Lemon Race Game

Requirements : one lemons for each the couples How To Play : Mark a starting and finishing line say 15/20 feet apart. Let all the couples stand at the starting line with lemons between their foreheads. There hands should be folded behind at the back. When time starts, all the couples have to move towards … Continue reading Couple Lemon Race Game

Pop and Drop Kangaroo Race Game

Requirements : You can use potato,onion,small ball,balloon,water filled balloon …etc Use whatever which make more fun. I will take lots of potato in one pot chair and one empty pot How To Play : Mark a starting line and a finishing line. Place potato filled pot in starting line and empty pot at the finishing … Continue reading Pop and Drop Kangaroo Race Game

Pass The Candle – Race Game

Requirements : 4-5 groups with 3 players in each group Candles Match Box Plate How To Play : Mark a start and finish lines about 20 feet, mark lines as per number of groups means if 4 groups are playing at a time then mark 4 lines. Give some candles , 1 plate and matchbox … Continue reading Pass The Candle – Race Game