Balloon Race Game

Requirements : balloons lots of kids How To Play : Ask All kids to stand in row and place balloon between every child. Then ask them to run towards ending point without droping balloon and they cant touch with there hands. Winner is who reach ending point 21st with all balloons. watch video to know … Continue reading Balloon Race Game

Pick & Run Picnic Game

How To Play Picnic Racing Game Mark starting and finishing line about 20-25 feet. Place bowl filled with grapes in one end on of line and ask players to stand on other end also place one empty bowl beside of players. When time starts player have to run toward other end , pick grapes with … Continue reading Pick & Run Picnic Game

Games For Camp

There are too many outdoor games for school , summer camp or any vacation camps or you can play with your family on picnic. Watch out video and choose your games. If You Like This Game Then Please Share This With Your Friends

Cop’s Cap – Cons Game

Requirements : A cap Some fun music for background Lot of kids How To Play : Make any one of the kid as Cop and another kids Tare the Cons. Give cap to kid who is playing the Con and tell him/her wear the cap & run. The Cop needs to run and catch The … Continue reading Cop’s Cap – Cons Game

Watch Your Steps – Adventure Game

This is very funny and adventures type of game. Need group of peoples and 1 rope. Games is to tie left leg of 1st persons with right leg of 2nd person and so on with all players but with same rope. Mark distance about 15/20 feet. Ask that tie row of players to walk from … Continue reading Watch Your Steps – Adventure Game