Musical Puzzle Game

Requirements : Music player collection of different bollywood/tv serial songs CDs Paper & Pen for all participants. How to Play : Give 1 paper and pen to each participant. Play 1 song at a time. Ask diffent questions to the participant on the basis of the song. like – Recognize the song, Name of the … Continue reading Musical Puzzle Game

Who Am I – Puzzle Game

Requirements : Small labels with famous Bible Character names for eg. Adam & Eve, Noah, Moses,Abraham,David, Mary, Jesus,Peter, Paul,Elijah,phillip,Ruth,Job,Luke,Daniel etc How To Play : Make small labels using characters from Bible. When the guests starts pouring in ,Tell them the theme and ask if they are interested to play this game then stick one label … Continue reading Who Am I – Puzzle Game

Guess Celebrity – Puzzle Game

Requirements : Write below on a paper some clues which represents the name of the bollywood actresses and get it photocopied as per the number of players Line Dot New Meditation Necklace Brotherly love Without sin Eye liner Deepak ki low Miracle Full moon Jasmine Wisdom Queen Honey Shy Sapphire Prayer Architect Sparkle Pen/pencil for … Continue reading Guess Celebrity – Puzzle Game