Alphabetical Computer – Puzzle Game

Requirements : Take print out of the below questions as per the number of players A – It’s a river B – Sharing files on wireless C – Way of sending messages over the net D – To transfer data from internet to your computer E – Communication via mail F – Social networking site … Continue reading Alphabetical Computer – Puzzle Game

Guess Celebrity – Puzzle Game

Requirements : Write below on a paper some clues which represents the name of the bollywood actresses and get it photocopied as per the number of players Line Dot New Meditation Necklace Brotherly love Without sin Eye liner Deepak ki low Miracle Full moon Jasmine Wisdom Queen Honey Shy Sapphire Prayer Architect Sparkle Pen/pencil for … Continue reading Guess Celebrity – Puzzle Game

Taste & Recognise – Pluzzle Game

Requirements : 20 players and above. 4 to 5 empty jars with marked jar 1 , jar 2 ..etc Health concentrates like Boost, Maltova, Milo, Bournvita,complan , horlecks ..etc How To Play : Pour health concentrates like Boost, Maltova, Milo, Bournvita etc in different jars. The organizer is supposed to know which drink is in … Continue reading Taste & Recognise – Pluzzle Game

Treasure Hunt Game

Requirements : Puzzle or clue of any place where you place next clue or price. Some Objects which you want to give Players as gift or as clue of there next clue. How To Play : This game can be played indoors or outdoor. Game is ,Hide different things or objects, as 1st object is … Continue reading Treasure Hunt Game