Stack Of Glass – Puzzle Game

Requirements : 15-20 thermocol (throw away) Glasses Pack of playing cards How to Play : Players will first keep one glass upside down and then one playing card on top of it. But when player put 1st glass downward he.she has to careful that no thermocol are out from glass. If player want then he/she … Continue reading Stack Of Glass – Puzzle Game

Say Quick Name Game

Requirements : Nothing than 1 host to organise and some players. 🙂 How To Play : Host has to give a word say ‘love’. The player who will start the game has to think of a person to whom he/she love and say her/his name within 3 seconds. For example if host say dark then … Continue reading Say Quick Name Game

Santa’s Gift Hunt Game

Requirements : Gifts placked with same colour papers Some paper chits with puzzles written on it. pluzzle which shows any place of your party hall or home. How To Play : Keep some gifts/treasure at different places which indicate in your puzzles in the party hall. Ask Player to solve puzzle and find place in … Continue reading Santa’s Gift Hunt Game