Treasure Hunt Game

Requirements : Puzzle or clue of any place where you place next clue or price. Some Objects which you want to give Players as gift or as clue of there next clue. How To Play : This game can be played indoors or outdoor. Game is ,Hide different things or objects, as 1st object is … Continue reading Treasure Hunt Game

Halloween Ping Pong Game

How To Play Halloween Ping Pong Game : You can play this game in any other parties too Game is Place 4 to 6 glasses on table but remmeber you have to place that glass as near as you can. Then mark some 5 to 7 feet distance from table. Ask players to stand other … Continue reading Halloween Ping Pong Game

More In one – Funny Party Games

How to play more in one : More party and funny games in one video. Games for kids , adults and seniors. Funny and indoor games which you can play with your family. Just watch video and choose your game to play đŸ™‚ If You Like This Game Then Please Share This With Your Friends