Bangle-candle fun Game

Requirements : Candle Matchbox 15 to 20 bangles(glass bangles) Wooden board or table How To Play : Light up the candle & put a wax drop on the Wooden board. Stick the bangle on the wax drop. The bangles must stand on the board with the help of wax. If any bangle drop down, it … Continue reading Bangle-candle fun Game

Fix and Lit Candles – One Minute Game

Requirements : 3-4 packets of candles (simple candle without base like in image) match box table How To Play : Give candle packets and match box to players. Game is player have to lit and fix as much as candles they can fix and stay lit up in one minutes. Winner is whose more candles … Continue reading Fix and Lit Candles – One Minute Game

Creative Mind Game

requirement : Matchsticks Gum or cello tape (if needed) Table or hardboard How to play : Give matchbox and also give hardboard or table to all players Tell players to create any thing creative or usefull or show piece , frame. etc what ever they want to create by matchsticks but within 10 mins. choose … Continue reading Creative Mind Game

Toss & Win Game

Requirements : chocolates (like in image or any toffees) We can use any other stuff like matchstick, coins, ..etc. or which ever we can toss by thumb. glass table how to play : keep glass on 1 end table and player stand up at other end same table give them chocolates or whatever stuff we … Continue reading Toss & Win Game

Matchstick Roman Game

Requirements : Matchsticks or matchboxes as per the number of participants How To Play : Give one matchbox to each participant. Each participant has to make roman numbers using the matchstick as like shown in image. Time limit is 1 minute. Whoever makes maximum roman numbers with matchsticks in one minute is the winner. Roman … Continue reading Matchstick Roman Game