Musical Puzzle Game

Requirements : Music player collection of different bollywood/tv serial songs CDs Paper & Pen for all participants. How to Play : Give 1 paper and pen to each participant. Play 1 song at a time. Ask diffent questions to the participant on the basis of the song. like – Recognize the song, Name of the … Continue reading Musical Puzzle Game

Top 3 In Our City – Kitty Party Game

Requirements : A questionnaire on out city/town consisting of 10-15 common questions like : 1. Name any three top restaurants of our city. 2. Name any three cars showroom of our city. 3. Name any three upcoming hindi movies in our city theatre. 4. Name any 3 theatre of our city. 5. Name any three … Continue reading Top 3 In Our City – Kitty Party Game

Bags With Dry Fruits Game

Requirements : Bowls with mixed dry fruits (almonds, cashew nuts, raisins, pistachio) as per the number of players 4 bags (carry bags) for each player How To Play : Give one mixed dry fruits bowl and four carry bags. The players has to separate all the four dry fruits and fill them separately in the … Continue reading Bags With Dry Fruits Game

Mew Mew… – Fun Game

Requirements : 4/5 groups of 8/10 players. small paper chits with following father cat,mother cat, baby cat and baba cat. Similarly prepare it for other animals like dog, crow, donkey,parrot. Make set of 4 chits equal to the number of groups. How To Play : When time start, all the players open there chits and … Continue reading Mew Mew… – Fun Game