Coins Arranging Game

Requirements : Small bags of 10-15 coins of different value and size How To Play : Give one bag of coins to each player. When time starts, every player has to arrange coins from low value to high value or vice versa. Time limit is 1 minute. The player who is able to arrange the … Continue reading Coins Arranging Game

Solve Some Riddles Game

Requirements : Take print out of the below riddles as per the number of players Pen/Pencil 1. What is light as a feather, but even the strongest man cannot hold it more than a few minutes? 2. What two things can you never eat for breakfast? 3. Who is that who cannot speak, cannot see, … Continue reading Solve Some Riddles Game

Tower Of Polo Game

Requirements : Lots of polo candies How To Play : Give lots of plo candies to each player. Game is player has to put one polo candy as base of there tower then place another candy on that base candy then put third candy on second then 4th on. This act will create a … Continue reading Tower Of Polo Game

Bread Competition – One Minute Game

Requirements : Lots of bread packets. Give 2-3 packets of bread (at least 10-15 bread in each packet). Game is player has to eat bread as many as they can in one minute. In that one minute player cant drink water or any other drinks. We can also play this with other things like glucose … Continue reading Bread Competition – One Minute Game

Mew Mew… – Fun Game

Requirements : 4/5 groups of 8/10 players. small paper chits with following father cat,mother cat, baby cat and baba cat. Similarly prepare it for other animals like dog, crow, donkey,parrot. Make set of 4 chits equal to the number of groups. How To Play : When time start, all the players open there chits and … Continue reading Mew Mew… – Fun Game