Nail Art At Kitty Party Game

Requirements : Nail polish remover Nail polish of different colors Cotton Nail art stickers How To Play : Divide all players in a team of two. Now both the players of each team have to put the nail paint on other player’s nails and use nail art stickers creatively also done there own creativity by … Continue reading Nail Art At Kitty Party Game

Heads Or Tails Game

Requirements : One coin How To Play : Let everybody sit in a circle. The Host/caller will stand in the middle of the circle with a coin. The game is that the Host/caller will toss the coin and everybody has to guess whether it is Head or Tail. The people who thinks it is Head … Continue reading Heads Or Tails Game

Wrap Christmas Gift Game

Requirements : Small square shape box (paper box) Wrapping paper Tape and scissors gift wrapping ribbon How To Play : Give all things to each player. Game is players have to wrap small boxes as gift box with wrapping paper as shown in image. Time limit is 1 minute. But players have to wrap it … Continue reading Wrap Christmas Gift Game

Caps For Santa Game

Requirements : Small santa cap stickers santa claus poster How To Play : Show the picture to the player before starting the game. Blindfold the player and tell him/her to stick the cap sticker on the cap of santa claus poster. cap sticked on the poster’s cap will get 10 points . sticker sticked outside … Continue reading Caps For Santa Game

Coin Scorer Game

Requirements : Coin score list for all the participants How To Play : tell all participants to check the coins which they have with them . Coins should be any value old or new, may be foreign currency coins or also coins which removed from present currency. Ask them to count score of coin as … Continue reading Coin Scorer Game