Dancing Babies Game

Requirements : So many cute and active kids Music to play How TO Play : Ask all kids to come on dance floor. When music start kids have to dance however they want. When music stop they have to sit on floor as quick as they can. Who sits last on floor that kid is … Continue reading Dancing Babies Game

All Time Favourites Indoor Game

Here are some Games which we play from childhood and I think there is no need to explain how to play this games because we all know this games very well. Musical Chair Chess Carom Ludo Antakshari Drawing competition Passing the parcel Tic-Tac-Toe Fancy dress competition Play this and remember your childhood days ,fun, sweet … Continue reading All Time Favourites Indoor Game

Surprises In Balloon Room Game

How To Play Surprises In Balloon Room Game This game is for kids below 6-7 years. Spread lots balloons in one room and hide some gifts in it. Then send all kids to that room and ask them to find gifts. Kids get happy when playing this games. If You Like This Game Then Please … Continue reading Surprises In Balloon Room Game

Knot Your Scarf Game

Requirements : Ladies or gents scarf How To Play : Game is each player have to tie a minimum of 10-12 knots with single scarf. When done with 1 scarf, player have to start with second scarf Time limit is 1 minute Whoever ties maximum knots in 1 minute will be the winner. Kids will … Continue reading Knot Your Scarf Game