War of Balloons Game

Requirements : Balloons. Two teams. How To Play : Form a two groups and give each of them a packet of balloons. And select two people for smashing balloons . Every team has to blow as many balloons as possible in 15 minutes. The smasher then get 10 seconds to destroy balloons that belong to … Continue reading War of Balloons Game

Hanging Donuts Game

Requirements : donuts. string and scissors. How To Play : Hang each donuts on a string, one per person. So, six players, six donuts hung up. The donuts need to hang at about mouth height for the players. On the command, each person must try to eat their donuts without using their hands. First one to … Continue reading Hanging Donuts Game

Am Ghost Or Monster Game

Requirements : fabric tail or any long cloth (we can use it as tail) More than 5-6 kids How To Play : Ask All kids to sit in circle. Make one kid as monster and tie up tell on there waist. That monster have to run around circle with shout “monster ! monster!” and touch … Continue reading Am Ghost Or Monster Game