Candle Shooter – Water Gun Game

Requirements : 20 Candles and a matchstick 4-5 water guns filled with water One table How to Play : Light up the candles and fix them horizontally on the table Mark the starting line say 5 feet from the table. Give the water guns to the player Player has to aim at the candles and … Continue reading Candle Shooter – Water Gun Game

Two Meanings One Word – Pluzzle Game

Requirement : pen/pencil Take print out of below questions 1. Pencil Brand /Lord of Dance 2. A birth sign/a type of disease 3. Name of a Soap /A musical instrument 4. A tree/Name of a tooth paste 5. Car Brand/Another name of God 6. Name of fruit/Name of shoe polish 7. Famous Monument/Tea Brand 8. … Continue reading Two Meanings One Word – Pluzzle Game

Tower Of Polo Game

Requirements : Lots of polo candies How To Play : Give lots of plo candies to each player. Game is player has to put one polo candy as base of there tower then place another candy on that base candy then put third candy on second then 4th on. This act will create a … Continue reading Tower Of Polo Game