Am Ghost Or Monster Game

Requirements : fabric tail or any long cloth (we can use it as tail) More than 5-6 kids How To Play : Ask All kids to sit in circle. Make one kid as monster and tie up tell on there waist. That monster have to run around circle with shout “monster ! monster!” and touch … Continue reading Am Ghost Or Monster Game

Search Your Pair – Playing Card Game

Requirements : Two decks of Playing Cards Each card has to be covered with paper How to Play : Give one card to each player. Player has to open the card after the time starts. After opening the card they have to find out there pair of card by watching other player’s cards. For example … Continue reading Search Your Pair – Playing Card Game

Who Is Killer Game

Requirements : Paper chits How To Play : Ask the guests to sit in a circle Make paper chits as number of guests (ex. if guests are 10 then make 10 chits) and write ‘pass’ on 4 chits. Write ‘Killer’ in other chits. Shuffle them properly and then ask guests to pick one chit only. … Continue reading Who Is Killer Game

Character Hunting – Halloween Game

Requirements : camera. List of the things you want to have pictures with participants. How To Play : Divide the participants into two teams and give each team a list of things with which they need to have photographs. e.g. photographs with any negative character, with any fairy , with some funny objects etc. The … Continue reading Character Hunting – Halloween Game

Battle With Scary Mask Game

Requirements: Scary masks Black and orange color balloons How To Play : Divide your guests into two teams and tie one black and an orange color balloon on the wrist of each member. Now give each member a mask to wear. Give sometime to each team so that they can get familiar with their team … Continue reading Battle With Scary Mask Game