All In one – One minute games

How TO Play All In one – One minute games : You have to watch this video because there are so many games you can play in any party , picnic or any where. This games are really funny and interesting. Any one can play it. If You Like This Game Then Please Share This … Continue reading All In one – One minute games

Nail Art At Kitty Party Game

Requirements : Nail polish remover Nail polish of different colors Cotton Nail art stickers How To Play : Divide all players in a team of two. Now both the players of each team have to put the nail paint on other player’s nails and use nail art stickers creatively also done there own creativity by … Continue reading Nail Art At Kitty Party Game

Candy Icebreakers Game

Requirements : Lot of candies or gems A list of ice breakers How To Play : Let all the Players sit infront of host. Give 10 gems/candies to each player. The game is that the host will say some ice breakers and the player who fits in that will have to eat one candy/gems. The … Continue reading Candy Icebreakers Game

Rangoli smiley Game

Requirements : some bangles different colors of rangoli like yellow, black, red. How To Play : Give the bangle and all colors of rangoli to the player. The game is that players have to make smiley’s with these colors. For eg. keep the bangles as round face, put black color as eyes then yellow color … Continue reading Rangoli smiley Game

Pick Puffed Rice Game

Requirements : toothpick 1 Bowl filled with puffed rice 1 empty bowl How To Play : Give one toothpick , puffed rice bowl and empty bowl to each player. The game is player have to put toothpick his/her mouth and pick puffed rice from bowl with help of toothpick but player cant use his/her hand. … Continue reading Pick Puffed Rice Game