Sweets Diwali Game

Requirements : 5 sweets/chocolates for each player Dice How To Play : Let all the players sit in a circle & give 5 sweets/chocolates to everyone. The game is everyone has to roll the dice one by one. If the player gets any number from 1-5 for for example 4 then the player sitting fourth … Continue reading Sweets Diwali Game

Bags With Dry Fruits Game

Requirements : Bowls with mixed dry fruits (almonds, cashew nuts, raisins, pistachio) as per the number of players 4 bags (carry bags) for each player How To Play : Give one mixed dry fruits bowl and four carry bags. The players has to separate all the four dry fruits and fill them separately in the … Continue reading Bags With Dry Fruits Game

Creative Diwali Game

Requirements : Thermocol Paper Plates Pen/Pencil How To Play : Let all the players put their paper plates on their head. The game is to be played as per the following instructions but within 3 minutes. Draw two candles and two diyas. Draw a swastika. Write Happy Diwali. Now everybody should look at their creative … Continue reading Creative Diwali Game

Candle Shooter – Water Gun Game

Requirements : 20 Candles and a matchstick 4-5 water guns filled with water One table How to Play : Light up the candles and fix them horizontally on the table Mark the starting line say 5 feet from the table. Give the water guns to the player Player has to aim at the candles and … Continue reading Candle Shooter – Water Gun Game