Tower Of Straws Game

Requirements : Pack of Drinking straws cello tape a pair of scissors and One tennis ball each for every group How To Play : Divide the players into groups of 2 to 3 peoples. Give pack of drinking straws, cello tape, a pair of scissors and one tennis ball to each group. The game is … Continue reading Tower Of Straws Game

Creative Diwali Game

Requirements : Thermocol Paper Plates Pen/Pencil How To Play : Let all the players put their paper plates on their head. The game is to be played as per the following instructions but within 3 minutes. Draw two candles and two diyas. Draw a swastika. Write Happy Diwali. Now everybody should look at their creative … Continue reading Creative Diwali Game

Creative Mind Game

requirement : Matchsticks Gum or cello tape (if needed) Table or hardboard How to play : Give matchbox and also give hardboard or table to all players Tell players to create any thing creative or usefull or show piece , frame. etc what ever they want to create by matchsticks but within 10 mins. choose … Continue reading Creative Mind Game