swap Your Place Game

Requirements : Cute name chits as explained below : cute names like darling couple, sweet heart couple, honey couple, gorgeous couple, angel couple, chocolate couple, sexy couple, pretty couple, cute couple, handsome couple, beautiful couple, cupid couple, lovely couple etc. One bowl How To Play : Let all the couples sit together with all the … Continue reading swap Your Place Game

Find My Shoes Game

Requirements : Just wants more than 7/8 couples with wearing there footwears. How To Play : Request all the ladies to remove their footwear in one corner of room. request there partners to remove their footwear at other corner of the room diagonally opposite corner of ladies footwear corner. ask the mens to go to … Continue reading Find My Shoes Game

Heart Of Balloons Game

Requirements : lots of Balloon packets thread Some sticky solution like gum or fevicol Cardboard (50 X 50) How To Play : Give some packets of balloon to couple. When time start , ask couple to blow balloon , tie it by thread and stick it on cardboard in heart shape like in image But … Continue reading Heart Of Balloons Game

Choose Cards With Heart Game

Requirements : Pack of playing cards How To Play Give pack of playing cards to a each couple. When time starts, they have to shuffle the cards four times. Then take out all the 13 heart cards and put them in proper sequence ie. From A-K Time limit is 1 minute. The couple who is … Continue reading Choose Cards With Heart Game

Couple Lemon Race Game

Requirements : one lemons for each the couples How To Play : Mark a starting and finishing line say 15/20 feet apart. Let all the couples stand at the starting line with lemons between their foreheads. There hands should be folded behind at the back. When time starts, all the couples have to move towards … Continue reading Couple Lemon Race Game