Pyramid of coins

Requirement: A glass glass full rice lots of coins a pencil How to play: This is a very simple but interesting game, can be played as single user one by one – Take a glassful of rice – Fix pencil in the rice to stand firm – Give coins to the payers – Player have … Continue reading Pyramid of coins

Card With Coins – Playing Card Game

Requirements : Pack of playing cards without Jack, Queen and King ie. 40 cards One,two and five rupee coins – 20 nos. each mixed in bowl How to Play : Game is each player has to open cards one by one and put the coins on the card according to the no. of that card. … Continue reading Card With Coins – Playing Card Game

Heads Or Tails Game

Requirements : One coin How To Play : Let everybody sit in a circle. The Host/caller will stand in the middle of the circle with a coin. The game is that the Host/caller will toss the coin and everybody has to guess whether it is Head or Tail. The people who thinks it is Head … Continue reading Heads Or Tails Game

Coin Scorer Game

Requirements : Coin score list for all the participants How To Play : tell all participants to check the coins which they have with them . Coins should be any value old or new, may be foreign currency coins or also coins which removed from present currency. Ask them to count score of coin as … Continue reading Coin Scorer Game

Coins Arranging Game

Requirements : Small bags of 10-15 coins of different value and size How To Play : Give one bag of coins to each player. When time starts, every player has to arrange coins from low value to high value or vice versa. Time limit is 1 minute. The player who is able to arrange the … Continue reading Coins Arranging Game