Christmas game tree decoration

Christmas is great to have fun time with family and friends. If you are planning Christmas party at home, and looking to have some good game ideas. This Christmas tree decoration game is good to play with all age group people in short duration. Requirements : Christmas trees decoration stuff – (get all the below … Continue reading Christmas game tree decoration

Guess game -collect the correct ingredients

Requirements Collect all cake recipe ingredients:- dried fruit (can be all or any of these raisins, sultanas, currants, cherries, cranberries, prunes or figs) zest and juice 1 orange zest and juice 1 lemon brandy, Sherry, whisky or rum, plus extra for feeding pack butter light soft brown sugar plain flour ground almond baking powder mixed spice ground cinnamon … Continue reading Guess game -collect the correct ingredients

Pick Cotton Ball by Nose

Requirements : Bowls for each player Vaseline and Cotton balls How To Play : Put two bowls in front of each player on the ground. One should be filled with cotton balls; the other should be empty. Put some vaseline on nose of each player’s. Set a timer for one minute. The player who can move … Continue reading Pick Cotton Ball by Nose

Jump Island Meat Santa Game

Requirements : Floor mats Someone dressed as Santa Lots of gifts Empty pot How To Play : Mark a playing area in the party hall. Consider that area as river. Put some floor mats as islands on the floor. The distance between the mats should be that a person can easily jump from one island … Continue reading Jump Island Meat Santa Game

Who Am I – Puzzle Game

Requirements : Small labels with famous Bible Character names for eg. Adam & Eve, Noah, Moses,Abraham,David, Mary, Jesus,Peter, Paul,Elijah,phillip,Ruth,Job,Luke,Daniel etc How To Play : Make small labels using characters from Bible. When the guests starts pouring in ,Tell them the theme and ask if they are interested to play this game then stick one label … Continue reading Who Am I – Puzzle Game