Toss & Win Game

Requirements : chocolates (like in image or any toffees) We can use any other stuff like matchstick, coins, ..etc. or which ever we can toss by thumb. glass table how to play : keep glass on 1 end table and player stand up at other end same table give them chocolates or whatever stuff we … Continue reading Toss & Win Game

Toffee Race Game

Requirements : 4 open tray lots of toffees How To Play : Mark a start and finish line say about 20 feet from each other. Divide the players in to 4 group each group of 5-10 players. Place 4 trays with 5-10 toffees(number of toffees as per no. players in team) at the finish line. … Continue reading Toffee Race Game

Taste & Recognise – Pluzzle Game

Requirements : 20 players and above. 4 to 5 empty jars with marked jar 1 , jar 2 ..etc Health concentrates like Boost, Maltova, Milo, Bournvita,complan , horlecks ..etc How To Play : Pour health concentrates like Boost, Maltova, Milo, Bournvita etc in different jars. The organizer is supposed to know which drink is in … Continue reading Taste & Recognise – Pluzzle Game