Candle Shooter – Water Gun Game

Requirements : 20 Candles and a matchstick 4-5 water guns filled with water One table How to Play : Light up the candles and fix them horizontally on the table Mark the starting line say 5 feet from the table. Give the water guns to the player Player has to aim at the candles and … Continue reading Candle Shooter – Water Gun Game

Bangle-candle fun Game

Requirements : Candle Matchbox 15 to 20 bangles(glass bangles) Wooden board or table How To Play : Light up the candle & put a wax drop on the Wooden board. Stick the bangle on the wax drop. The bangles must stand on the board with the help of wax. If any bangle drop down, it … Continue reading Bangle-candle fun Game

Fix and Lit Candles – One Minute Game

Requirements : 3-4 packets of candles (simple candle without base like in image) match box table How To Play : Give candle packets and match box to players. Game is player have to lit and fix as much as candles they can fix and stay lit up in one minutes. Winner is whose more candles … Continue reading Fix and Lit Candles – One Minute Game

1 Chance 1 Candle Game

Requirements : 1 Candles Matchbox A cloth for blind folding players A table How To Play : Keep the candle near table’s edge and light it. Bring the player in front of candle & blind fold him/her. Ask player to take 3 round turns and now he/she needs to blow off the candle. But there … Continue reading 1 Chance 1 Candle Game

Pass The Candle – Race Game

Requirements : 4-5 groups with 3 players in each group Candles Match Box Plate How To Play : Mark a start and finish lines about 20 feet, mark lines as per number of groups means if 4 groups are playing at a time then mark 4 lines. Give some candles , 1 plate and matchbox … Continue reading Pass The Candle – Race Game