Ornaments Festivals Game

Requirements : large number of ornaments like bangles, ear rings , nose rings,bindis,foot rings, armlets, necklaces, hair bands,watches,saddles, …etc all ladies ornaments chairs How To Play : Place all ornaments in any open box or any big bowl. Ask ladies to sit on chairs and tell there partners to take one by one all type … Continue reading Ornaments Festivals Game

Bangle-candle fun Game

Requirements : Candle Matchbox 15 to 20 bangles(glass bangles) Wooden board or table How To Play : Light up the candle & put a wax drop on the Wooden board. Stick the bangle on the wax drop. The bangles must stand on the board with the help of wax. If any bangle drop down, it … Continue reading Bangle-candle fun Game

Rainbow Beads Game

Requirements : Beads of all rainbow colors ((Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet) We can also use bangles in place of beads. Threads Bowls to keep beads How To Play : Keep different colour beads in different bowls. Each kid has to put these coloured beads in a thread in rainbow order like first … Continue reading Rainbow Beads Game