Surprises In Balloon Room Game

How To Play Surprises In Balloon Room Game This game is for kids below 6-7 years. Spread lots balloons in one room and hide some gifts in it. Then send all kids to that room and ask them to find gifts. Kids get happy when playing this games. If You Like This Game Then Please … Continue reading Surprises In Balloon Room Game

Prink Hanging Ballon Game

Requirements : Balloons Thread toothpick How To Play : Tie thread to balloons and hang them from the wall at a suitable height. Now give toothpick to each player and ask him/her to put it in mouth. Player has to tie the hands behind the back and try to prick the balloons with the toothpick. … Continue reading Prink Hanging Ballon Game

Water Balloon War Game

Requirements : Colour Water filled balloons Two plastic bags How To Play : Divide the players into two teams at least 10-15 people per team. Give each team a big tub full of water balloons When time starts, players try to hit the member of the other team with water balloons for one minute. If … Continue reading Water Balloon War Game