Sticky Balls Game

Requirements :

  • Piece of cardboard ((10″x10″) or (15″x15″))
  • Some sticky solution like gum or fevicol

  • 20 tennis balls for each pair
  • If this game are play by kids OR If you want to make it easier then use plastic balls

How To Play :

  • Divide the players into pairs.
  • Place one piece of cardboard on the table.
  • Put some sticky solution on the cardboard.
  • Give 20 tennis/plastic balls to each pair.
  • Mark a starting line 7 feet from the table.
  • One player will stand at the starting line and the other player on the other side of the table.
  • When time starts, one player has to throw the ball on that cardboard so that the ball sticks on it.
  • The other player will be on the other side of the table.
  • He will pick up the balls which are falling down and shall give the balls to his partner.
  • Time limit is 1 minute.
  • The pair who is able to stick the maximum balls wins.

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