Stack Of Glass – Puzzle Game

Requirements :

  • 15-20 thermocol (throw away) Glasses
  • Pack of playing cards

How to Play :

  • Players will first keep one glass upside down and then one playing card on top of it.
  • But when player put 1st glass downward he.she has to careful that no thermocol are out from glass.
  • If player want then he/she can use playing card to put 1st glass to the downward.
  • After 1st class are put , then put another glass on playing card which is already on top of 1st glass.
  • After 2nd glass put on 1st then put then one playing card on top of it.
  • Repeat this until it becomes a stack of four glasses.
  • Player has to remove the playing card in such a way that the glass gets into another glass.
  • Player can create another set of glasses if time not up.
  • Time duration is 1 minute.
  • Player with maximum set of glasses in one minute is winner.

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