Ribbon Dance Game

Requirements :

  • Different colour ribbons cut into 6 feet long

How To Play :

  • Let all the participants who want to dance stand in a circle.
  • The host will stand in the mid of circle holding different colour 6 feet long ribbons from the middle so that the ends are hanging loose.
  • Everybody has to find their partners for dancing for that they have to hold one end of the ribbon.
  • After everybody holds the one end, the host will leave the ribbons and the two people who are holding on to the same ribbon becomes dance partners.
  • This is a fun filled game where everybody will get a new dance partner which can be either a male or a female.
  • Then all ribbon holders have to dance by using that ribbon.
  • If anyone not using there ribbon to dance that dance couple will be disqualified.
  • The couple which dance nice and using ribbon more when dancing that couple is winner.

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