Relay On Beach Game

Requirements :

  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • Beach Ball
  • One towel
  • Frisbee

How to Play ;

  • Divide All players into teams as at least 3 to 4 people in 1 team
  • The players of each team have to line up.
  • Mark a starting and finishing line say 15 feet apart.
  • Keep all the things on starting line.
  • When time starts, first player of first team should apply the sunscreen on this face, put sunglasses, blow up a beach ball, wrap a towel around the waist and run towards the finishing line with Frisbee.
  • On reaching the finishing line throw the Frisbee to his team-mate without dropping and then run back to the starting point.
  • After reaching the starting point, player has to handover all the things he/she is wearing to the team-mate.
  • Play continues until all of the players of all teams have completed the relay.
  • The first team to completes the relay in the shortest time is winners.

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