Pop and Drop Kangaroo Race Game

Requirements :

  • You can use potato,onion,small ball,balloon,water filled balloon …etc
  • Use whatever which make more fun.
  • I will take lots of potato in one pot
  • chair and one empty pot

How To Play :

  • Mark a starting line and a finishing line.
  • Place potato filled pot in starting line and empty pot at the finishing line.
  • Tell Players to take one potato from pot.
  • Place potato on there chair.
  • At time starts, players have to pop the potato from chair without touching there hands in between their knees , and run towards the finishing line like kangaroo.
  • On reaching the finishing line, the player has to drop potato in empty pot this also without touching hands.
  • If in case the potato falls in between, the player can either start it from the starting line or he should be considered OUT.
  • Time limit is 5 minutes.
  • The player who drop more numbers of potato within 5 minutes will wins !!

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