Pass The Candle – Race Game

Requirements :

  • 4-5 groups with 3 players in each group
  • Candles
  • Match Box
  • Plate

How To Play :

  • Mark a start and finish lines about 20 feet, mark lines as per number of groups means if 4 groups are playing at a time then mark 4 lines.
  • Give some candles , 1 plate and matchbox to each group.
  • Ask players to stand up at marked lines as 1 player of group on starting point , 2nd is in middle of line and 3rd is on finishing point.
  • Give plate to the player who are at finishing point of all group.
  • When time start,the player at the start has to light the candle then middle player has to run toward start player and take lighten candle and run towards finish point player but if candle are off he/she have to go back to light that candle again
  • If its candle are lighten then he/she give that candle to finish point player and that finish player is place candle in plate.
  • Continue this upto 1 minute.
  • If starting and finishing point player are move from there places then that group will be disqualified.
  • Winner is the group who collect more candles but count only lighten candles.

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