Obey On command Game

Requirements :

Nothing for playing but lots of prizes

How To Play :

Divide the players into group of 8 to 10 players.
The group in turn will choose one person who will represent that team while playing.
The host will give command of activities to be done.
The activities can be –
a person wearing black shoes,
a person with right shoe on left foot,
a person with red tie etc.
The game is that each group will send that person whom they have chosen for representing their group.
for eg. if the command is a person with a red tie, whose ever in that group wearing a red tie will immediately put the tie on to him and he will run as fast he can to the host.
On every command give some scores for eg. 10 points who has come first, 7 points to the second and 5 points who has come third.
The group with the maximum scores wins. This gets to be a lot of fun with people racing all around the room!!

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