Lemon & Spoon – Race Game

Requirement :

  • lemons (we also use eggs)
  • small spoon

How To Play :

  • Mark distance approximate of 15 to 20 feet.
  • Ask participents to stand up on one end of marked distance.
  • Give them 1 spoon and 1 lemon to each Praticipent.
  • Praticipents have hold spoon in there mounth and place lemon in that spoon.
  • Praticipents have to cover marked distance by walking or running .
  • Warning for praticipents – once race start praticipents not touch the spoon if they done then they are out.
  • If lemon are fall from spoon then that praticipents is also out.
  • Who ever cross the distance first with spoon in mounth with lemon in it are wins !!

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