Left – Right Game

Requirements :

  • Lots of smart kids or you can play this game with adults also.

How To Play :

  • Divide all the players in two teams – team A and team B
  • Host will play role of leader.
  • Ask both the teams to stand in a line facing other team..
  • Make 1st player from both lines as captain of that row.
  • Leader will toss the coin and ask about heads or tails who guess right are win for choose between “Same” or “Opposite”.
  • Teams doesn’t know what is meant by Same and Opposite words for this game.
  • After choose between this word Leader will explain that-
  • when Leader says “Right”, the team who chose same has to raise their right hand and the team who chose opposite has to raise their left hand.
  • Team who chose Same will have advantage over the other team but players get confuse when opponent team raise other hand.
  • Whoever fails to raise correct hand, will be considered out.
  • Now leader will keep on saying left and right unless all the players of a team are out.
  • Team who has maximum players left in the end.

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