Hit Egg on Head – couple game

Hit egg on head is a competition game between two players (of two team). This is a very funny game to play in picnic, birthday party or at get together party with friends, family members.


Normal eggs and Boiled eggs
Two large pan or bowl to keep eggs
Plastic head cover or shower caps or cap

Steps to play this game

  1. Create two team, and ask one player from each team to come to play this game
  2. Need to bind eye of those players, so that they should not see anything. Also give them plastic head cover or shower cap
  3. Keep 20 eggs (10 boiled and 10 normal eggs) in large pan or bowl in front of them in a table
  4. Now each player needs to pick one egg from pan/bowl and hit on their own head.
  5. Both players will get same number of chances to pick the egg.
  6. Judge should be there to count the hit
  7. Whoever hit the maximum normal eggs on head, will loose the game. That means the player who hit boiled eggs maximum on his/her head will win

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