Grab More Candies – Kids Game

Requirements :

  • A long rod or stick (approximately 7 ft long)
  • Thread / elastic
  • Lots of candies
  • Two Tables or stool which have more height than kids

How To Play :

  • Keep the table at a distance from each other and put the rod on it.
  • Now tie threads to the candies and hang them from the rod at a suitable distance.
  • You can use elastic for more fun coz it swing candies so its more difficult to grab candies.
  • Each kid have to grab the candies with his/her mouth
  • If you dont have heighted table than kids then you can tell kids to bend down on his/her knees.
  • Time limit is 1 minute.
  • The kid who grabs maximum candies in one minute will be the winner.

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