Flip the glass

This game is a fun to play, As name suggest players flip the cup/glass in order to win.


– Plastic glasses
A table to play on

This game can be played as group verses group or by individual .
The process is we give players a glass full of juice/drink to drink, they have to finish the drink first and then flip the glass.

If the game is being played by single/individual players then allow them to drink one glass of drink and then they have to flip 6 glasses the one does at first wins.

If we have group of players then we can make 2 groups each with equal number of players
say 3 in each team.

First player finishes the drink and flip the glass, as soon as first player is done second players drinks the drink and flips the glass and so on until any of the group is done with drinking and flipping the glass,

Takes less object to play as well as less space too.

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