Cop’s Cap – Cons Game

Requirements :

  • A cap
  • Some fun music for background
  • Lot of kids

How To Play :

  • Make any one of the kid as Cop and another kids Tare the Cons.
  • Give cap to kid who is playing the Con and tell him/her wear the cap & run.
  • The Cop needs to run and catch The Con.
  • But there is big twist is here the Con can transfer his/her cap to another kid and the Cop now has to catch this new Con ot cop has to catch the con who ware cap.
  • Once The Con is caught with cap, he can play The Cop and game starts again.
  • You can play this game as many time as kids enjoying for a while.
  • Everyone is a winner as they enjoy playing the game with laughs and running.

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