Say Quick Name Game

Requirements : Nothing than 1 host to organise and some players. 🙂 How To Play : Host has to give a word say ‘love’. The player who will start the game has to think of a person to whom he/she love and say her/his name within 3 seconds. For example if host say dark then … Continue reading Say Quick Name Game

Musical Hoopla Ring – Couple Game

Requirements : one big hoopla ring Music to play How To Play : Let all the couples stand facing each other in a line . Give one hoopla ring to any one couple to start the game. When music starts, the couple has to pass through the ring together from head to toe and pass … Continue reading Musical Hoopla Ring – Couple Game

Mirror Candies Game

Requirements : one bowl filled with candies one empty bowl One mirror One paper cup How To Play : One partner in couple will hold a bowl on top of his/her head and the other one will hold the mirror. One bowl filled with candies if its couple party then use heart shaped candies and … Continue reading Mirror Candies Game

swap Your Place Game

Requirements : Cute name chits as explained below : cute names like darling couple, sweet heart couple, honey couple, gorgeous couple, angel couple, chocolate couple, sexy couple, pretty couple, cute couple, handsome couple, beautiful couple, cupid couple, lovely couple etc. One bowl How To Play : Let all the couples sit together with all the … Continue reading swap Your Place Game

Ornaments Festivals Game

Requirements : large number of ornaments like bangles, ear rings , nose rings,bindis,foot rings, armlets, necklaces, hair bands,watches,saddles, …etc all ladies ornaments chairs How To Play : Place all ornaments in any open box or any big bowl. Ask ladies to sit on chairs and tell there partners to take one by one all type … Continue reading Ornaments Festivals Game