Steps On bricks – Group Game

How To Play Steps On bricks Game : Divide all players into group of 3 players. Give 4 bricks to each group if 3 peoples are in 1 group means give 1 extra brick to each group. mark about 30 feet distance and tell all group to stand on there bricks and place extra brick … Continue reading Steps On bricks – Group Game

Watch Your Steps – Adventure Game

This is very funny and adventures type of game. Need group of peoples and 1 rope. Games is to tie left leg of 1st persons with right leg of 2nd person and so on with all players but with same rope. Mark distance about 15/20 feet. Ask that tie row of players to walk from … Continue reading Watch Your Steps – Adventure Game

Taffic Light Game

Requirements : No equipment is needed. How to Play : mark line about 20 feet. Ask any 1 player plays the part of the stop light and tell stop light to stand up on one end of line facing away from the other kids. “stop light” calls out “Green light!” The other kids move toward … Continue reading Taffic Light Game

Musical Toys Game

Requirements : 10-15 toys Music A piece of chalk Lots of sweet kids How To Play : Make a big circle on the floor with help of chalk. Keep all the toys inside that circle. Game is host start the music & all the kids need to move around outside of the circle. As the … Continue reading Musical Toys Game