Tower Of Straws Game

Requirements : Pack of Drinking straws cello tape a pair of scissors and One tennis ball each for every group How To Play : Divide the players into groups of 2 to 3 peoples. Give pack of drinking straws, cello tape, a pair of scissors and one tennis ball to each group. The game is … Continue reading Tower Of Straws Game

Tragic 5 – Party Game

Requirements : A bowl filled with slips of tasks like dance , sing any song ..etc whatever you want to done from your guest. How To Play : Ask everyone in the party to sit in a circle. Start the game with one person saying 1 and next person saying 2 and so on. For … Continue reading Tragic 5 – Party Game

In It To Win It – Team Building Game

How To Play In It To Win It Game There are more games in one video to play with your collogues. Like one minute game, hold balloon in air , bounce ball and place it in glass…etc. These game are for team building, it gives so much fun to your employees. Fun , games, enjoyments … Continue reading In It To Win It – Team Building Game

Musical Puzzle Game

Requirements : Music player collection of different bollywood/tv serial songs CDs Paper & Pen for all participants. How to Play : Give 1 paper and pen to each participant. Play 1 song at a time. Ask diffent questions to the participant on the basis of the song. like – Recognize the song, Name of the … Continue reading Musical Puzzle Game

Christmas Tree Counting Game

Requirements : Christmas tree fully decorated with losts of bells , balls , star and gifts..etc Blank paper Pen/pencil How To Play : Give one blank papaer and pen/pencil to each players. The game is that every player has to count the things on X’mas tree like how many bells are there, stars, gifts, balls…etc. … Continue reading Christmas Tree Counting Game