Candy Icebreakers Game

Requirements : Lot of candies or gems A list of ice breakers How To Play : Let all the Players sit infront of host. Give 10 gems/candies to each player. The game is that the host will say some ice breakers and the player who fits in that will have to eat one candy/gems. The … Continue reading Candy Icebreakers Game

Greet On New Year Game

Requirements : 1 scarf or small cloth for blindfold chits of all players name. How to Play : Host have to choose any one chit from all and read name loadly. Then blindfold the person who’s name are in chit. Game is, any other player will go forward and shake hands with the blind folded … Continue reading Greet On New Year Game

Reverse Words – New Year Game

Requirements : Pens/pencil and Paper How To Play : Give pen/pencil & paper to every participent. Every participent have to write the alphabets of “Happy New Year” in reverse order for ex. year new happy or as many times as possible. Time limit is 1 minute. The player who writes the reverse alphabets maximum number … Continue reading Reverse Words – New Year Game