War of Balloons Game

Requirements : Balloons. Two teams. How To Play : Form a two groups and give each of them a packet of balloons. And select two people for smashing balloons . Every team has to blow as many balloons as possible in 15 minutes. The smasher then get 10 seconds to destroy balloons that belong to … Continue reading War of Balloons Game

Cucumber on Head Game

Requirements : Two teams. a slice of cucumber for each player or u can use biscuits also. How To Play : Split into 2 teams.The first person puts the cucumber orbiscuits on their forehead. Challenge is to move it down your face, without using hands, and into your mouth. If the item falls you can … Continue reading Cucumber on Head Game

Surprises In Balloon Room Game

How To Play Surprises In Balloon Room Game This game is for kids below 6-7 years. Spread lots balloons in one room and hide some gifts in it. Then send all kids to that room and ask them to find gifts. Kids get happy when playing this games. If You Like This Game Then Please … Continue reading Surprises In Balloon Room Game

Knot Your Scarf Game

Requirements : Ladies or gents scarf How To Play : Game is each player have to tie a minimum of 10-12 knots with single scarf. When done with 1 scarf, player have to start with second scarf Time limit is 1 minute Whoever ties maximum knots in 1 minute will be the winner. Kids will … Continue reading Knot Your Scarf Game

Funny Resolution Game

Requirements : Pen/pencil and Paper for every players How To Play : Give paper/pencil and pen to every player. When time starts, tell all player to write some funny innovative New Year Resolution along with their name on the paper. Time limit is 1 minute. As the time is over, all player has to put … Continue reading Funny Resolution Game